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New Product Introduction (NPI):
Dynatron has maintained many years of cooperative relations with Japan’s TOA Group. With more than thirty years of successful OEM experience, we are able to rapidly transfer products into mass production. In addition, our strong ODM capability helps develop our customers’ development and ensures rapid time-to-market for our customers. With customers being our top priority, we offer a comprehensive quality assurance warranty and excellent teams that collaborate on procurement, R&D, production management, production technology, manufacturing, and quality assurance, in order to produce products in a rapid and high-quality manner.

New Product Introduction (NPI) Process:
Dynatron has developed a comprehensive and detailed production plan that integrates material procurement, testing, NPI meetings, and assembly scheduling. In addition, it documents standard operating procedures and manufacturing process management procedures (including procedures of procurement control, incoming quality control (IQC), IQC records, manufacturing process control (MPC), on-site management (OSM), in-process quality control (IPQC) and final quality control (FQC) ) for quality control in compliance with ISO 9001 working instructions, in order to ensure punctual and precise delivery of the exact order to clients.

Reliable Production:
Dynatron has a streamlined production process pursuant to ISO 9001:2008 quality manufacturing system (QMS) standards. It prepares production equipment, molds, and visualized management and designs suitable process engineering systems according to product specifications, in an aim to improve product yields and production efficiency.

High Quality:
Dynatron has introduced strict quality control procedures to ensure that quality standards are met at all stages from raw materials to finished products during all phases of inspection, including incoming quality control, in-process quality control and final quality control. Dynatron uses a one hundred percent product inspection policy to guarantee product quality.