Quality / Environmental Policy
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To ensure that all materials meet quality standards before production begins, we execute IQC inspections of all incoming materials in accordance with IQC inspection instructions, sampling plans based on ANSI/ASQC Z1.4, inspection items, and acceptable quality level (AQL), performing tests and keeping records accordingly.

To produce fully conforming products, we perform specific inspection work in accordance with test requirements defined by our clients. A hundred percent inspection is carried out during production for early detection of irregularities and non-conformity.

To prevent non-conforming products from being shipped and to satisfy the quality requirements from clients, we carry out a sampling test plan based on ANSI/ASQC Z1.4 on all final products, using an acceptance quality level (AQL) of 0.65. Only products that pass such inspection can be shipped.

Non-conforming products will be marked during incoming, in-process, and final quality control and be separated from conforming products in an appropriate manner to prevent them from flowing into the next process. All defective products must be marked as defective and abandoned from use unless it is decided that they should be repaired or a change is introduced to the one hundred percent inspection plan.

To effectively control the quality and characteristics of products, we develop statistics and analysis methods at critical control points or testing points to monitor irregularities in quality.

To continually improve our quality management system, we set a quality policy and objectives, perform internal and external inspection, solicit customer feedback and monitor production processes and product quality. We also constantly make efforts to enhance quality through data analysis, correction and prevention measures, and management reviews.

Should a non-conformity caused by the production process or the quality management system occur, we will investigate the cause of such non-conformity or similar problems, and record the results in the quality control records. Moreover, we will also take necessary preventive action to avoid possible or foreseeable non-conformity.