Quality / Environmental Policy
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Protect the environment, create a rich working environment,abide by the environmental protection laws, continue improving, promote waste reduction programs, perform waste management,promote environmental education, value life.

Dynatron Industrial Co. Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of equipment for PA systems, wireless microphones and receivers. We properly dispose of wastes, exhaust and other pollutants that are created during our manufacturing process as well as find the best possible methods for improvement.

1. Based on protecting nature as well as the health and the comfortable living environment of clients, employees, and local residents, and with the purpose of “pursuing beauty, environmental friendliness, no pollution, ensuring safety, health and a new environment”, we decided to develop and improve renewably while striving to respect nature.

2. We established goals and operation methods based on the laws and the relevant stipulations as well as quantified them and continually improved them.

3. We use the national laws as our standards, do our best to surpass these standards and support fair and reasonable legislations.

4. We actively implement waste reduction and thoroughly manage waste recycling to reduce waste.

5. Honesty is the heart of our internal and external communications, we promote it extensively while also inspiring our employees to take actions through education, promotion and common understanding. We also communicate with public environmental organizations in the same manner in order to fulfill our promises.

6. We will continue to thoroughly organize, rectify and implement safety, sanitation and environmental policy to protect the planet and the life on it.