We provide unbeatable quality, prices and designs.We provide unbeatable quality, prices and designs.




Dynatron has its own R & D department, where engineers work to assist clients to transfer products from development to production in a stable and timely manner. It provides services that cover all stages of a project, from design, prototyping through mass production. Dynatron engineers are devoted to providing high quality, advanced technology, competitive prices and customized products to meet high demand from customers. They are capable of coping with changes in projects and components, avoiding unnecessary delays in production and helping increase market share for customers. Dynatron's product development process is divided into five stages:


1.Product Planning

1.Product Planning1.Product Planning

2.Product Development

2.Product Development2.Product Development

3.Product Design

3.Product Design3.Product Design

4.Product Trial

4.Product Trial4.Product Trial

5.Mass Production

5.Mass Production5.Mass Production